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November 27, 2014

Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale Winter/Christmas 2014

That time of year is here again, its the Lisa's Cosmetics sale! The annual winter warehouse sale is on now and I've already gone and hauled. 

This time around there was lot more Stila. The last two time I went Stila was becoming a more prominent brand at the sale, but this time they even had non discontinued items. One of the items that caught my eye was the BB Illuminating cream that I have a small one of. I passed on getting it for $19.99 (of $21.99 I cannot remember) and then saw it at Sephora for $50.
Below are some photos of the tables.
Like always Annabelle and Marcelle were there as well as Elizabeth Arden and Anna Sui. None of the items quite caught my eye from those tables so all I got makeup wise was some Stila.

My haul:
I finally took advantage of the amazing steals on perfume and got myself a 50ml bottle of  Marc Jacobs Dot. It retails for $85 at Sephora and I got it for $55. I really should have gotten the 100 ml for $75.
I picked up two Stila convertable colours, one in Poppy and one in Fushia. They were $11.99 each
I got one Stila Smudge Crayon in Pink-Violet for $12.99.
A Colour Balm Lipstick in Evangeline a dusty rose shade it was $11.99.
A Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria which is a magenta plum colour I believe $10.99.
I also grabbed two Revlon lipglosses in Embellished (from last years Gucci Westman holiday collection, it got rave reviews from everyone, even an A+ from Temptalia, see my review here) for $2.99.
I got two Revlon mini tweezer sets (a case, a slanted and a pointed tweezer are in it) with penguins on it for $2.99 each. I got some of these last time and love them (LOVE them).
Finally I got one more pair of slanted Revlon Tweezers for $2.99.
On the non makeup front I got 6 bars of Cadbury chocolate. This is the UK version so people go nuts for it. 4  are for a coworker and 1 my mother in-law. They are gigantic and only $3.99.

I picked up a few other gifts for people, great perfume sets and Stila items, but since they are not for me I'm not going to show them (you know so they don't see it).

For more info on the Lisa Sale you should check out their website,

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November 20, 2014

Neutral November:Tate Away Oui Go Palette Swatches and Review

I picked up this Ulta Exclusive palette during my recent cross border haul.
It has 3 glosses, a mini mascara, 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes. It comes in an interesting travel case that lets you pop out a quarter out of the box so you can take it with you. 
Essentially it has 4 shadows and blush per quarter. Some are quite shimmery and some quite matte. They can work together quite well within our outside its quarter. 
There are three Lipsurgence lip glosses that have names of french cities. I was actually quite impressed with how opaque they were compared to the Maraca glosses I got a few years back in the Carried Away Set.
Left to right: Paris, Cannes, Nice.
 On to the meat of the set, the shadow and blushes.
left to right:
Private Chateau, cafe for creme brule, tea for two, marvel at the Mona Lisa,
macarons for you, champagne and chocolat, kisses under the Arc, art in Montmartre and envisioned.
Left to right:
snow angels in the parc, navigating the Metro, might night stroll, liaison at the Louvre, intrigue,
Champs-Elysées shopping, stargazing on the Seine, Eiffel Tower engagement, secret soiree and limitless
 Ok, so other than the mini mascara that is the whole set. Below is a quarter in the travel case.
  • Nice, nice set
  • Cute French names
  • Great pay off on the colours
  • opaque lip glosses
  • great for travel
  • great selection of mattes too
  • cute quilted case
  • only at Ulta in the USA (feeling the French names are lost on having it in the USA only, just watch one youtube video of people saying nice instead of Nice or Oui all strange)
  • The box it is housed in is large
  • impossible to pop the quilted case out using the ribbon, you have to pop it out of the plastic which damages it
  • No bright shades, pretty much all neutral
I really like the shadows and glosses! Really! I wish this was available in Canada, I really do. I love the range of textures and shades in this neutral set. I do not like the bulky packaging, where am I going to keep this? I guess the box looks nice on someones dresser but the gold detail is already wearing off the bottom. As well the caring case just won't pop out using the ribbon, nor the lip glosses leading me to question how long it will last and where I will house them.
But once again I really like this set.
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November 14, 2014

Imats Toronto 2014 Wishlist

It's that time of year again....IMATS is coming to Toronto and I have a list.

I am not going to stick to this list at all, I can just feel it. So for now here is what I definitely want.

Beauty Blender Mini
I want these. That is about it. I love my Beauty them. You cannot take them away from me. I have 3 already plus two Real Technique Sponges so I think I am OK in that department, but they just had to release something new. I want the minis so bad for under my eyes and any concealing that I need to do. I usually buy my Beauty Blenders at Imats or in the USA just because they are far to expensive here at Sephora.
I also want another solid cleaner by them, hopefully they have a nice combo set.

Beauty So Clean
Last year I picked up the spray fro cleaning my makeup, and while I use it a lot I still have quite a bit. What I am out of is the brush cleaner. I really liked the scented sprays that I've gotten in the past and hope to get some more.

Last year I got some great unboxed lashes at Nigels and want more. I remember it was quite the search to find some styles I liked but I really did like them. Maybe the best lashes I've ever used (I like clear banded lashes).

Clean Brush Shampoo
Another solid brush shampoo...while not Beauty Blenders, I have heard great things and want to try it out. I was thinking of getting the goats milk or olive oil version. I have been known to use either goats milk or olive oil bars of soap to clean my brushes without stripping them so these sound right up my ally.

Parian Sprit
Last year all I could find was a tiny tiny bottle, but I want a big one with the jar for cleaning. I will settle for another tiny one since it works so darn well.

I am a brush is true. I think I have 250 brushes at this point. Last year I picked up some Bdellium Tools for the first time and fell in love. I want more. More I say. Ok must calm down and limit my purchases at that booth. But let us be honest, there is no way I am leaving without at least something.
I also will most likely be going a little crazy at Crown Brushes' booth. I've been purchasing crown brushes for over 9 years now and really thing the best way to pick ones out is at the show. You get to feel them out and see what suits you. The duo fibre brushes are always fantastic.

That's it...hopefully. Is there anything on your Imats list?

Imats is going to be in Toronto November 22nd and 23rd this year, for more info go to
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November 12, 2014

Neutral November: 5 minute Bronze FOTD

Getting my makeup done quick and easily in the mornings can sometimes be a challenge. Even worse is the times when you want to go out, look a little bit more done up and don't have the time. Well right here I am going to show you a look that takes no time at all, is bronzy and slightly glittery and chalked full of drug store makeup.
First let me explain why this is such a quick look...the Annabelle Roll-on Eyeshadow + Liner in Hazel...that's why. One side has a roll on glittery bronze shadow the other a glittery bronze liner. They fit in your bag easily so you can go from work to night easy and quick. I just like to put a glitter primer under it first.  After that it is smooth sailing.

Product used:
  • Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup in Light 
  • Almay Smart Shade Powder Bronzer in Sunkissed
  • Almay Smart Shade Concealer in light
  • Annabelle Eyeshadow + Liner in Hazel
  • Annabelle TwistUp in Nude of Fame
  • Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in Universal Light
  • Annabelle Expandible Mascara
  • Makeup Forever HD Powder
  • ELF Glitter Primer
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude
How I did it:

Primed my eyes with the ELF Glitter Primer by patting it all over the lids. Rolled on the Eyeshadow half of the Annabelle Hazel. Took a fluffy brush and blended just the edges of the shadow. Took the liner side and drew on some wings.
I then took the Almay Smart Shade foundation and applied it randomly to the skin. Taking a short stipple brush (like Mac 130) I blend it out. I really like this foundation for quick makeup because it always matches me perfectly. They say it isn't just shade adjusting but also tone adjusting which is great for me since I can be pretty neutral in the tone department, making buying two foundations a common occurrence. Oh and it always looks really good on my skin. I then touch up areas with Almay Smart Shade Concealer where needed followed by the MUFE HD powder to set it all.
Now I love a good bronzy look, but bronzer and me are not friends...see I don't tan so there is really no shade that really looks right on me (cause I don't that, I'm not explaining this very well. I burn, burnt isn't a shade of bronzer, nor does it look good...oh forget it) so I like using it as a blush sometimes.I took Almay Smart Shade Bronzer and used it on my cheeks like blush and used any excess too buff out on my skin to attempt a bit of a bronzy look.
I filled in my brows with the Annabelle liner and coated my lashes with the mascara. I lined my water line with my absolute favourite nude liner by Rimmel. Applied the Annabelle TwistUp and was done. Twistups are fantastic because they are liner and lipstick on one, leading to easier application and a precision look on the go ( I guess that is why I now own 29 of them).
There that was quick and easy.  A little glitzy but not over the easy way to get from day to night in no time flat.
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November 09, 2014

Neutral November: the ULTA Too Faced Sugar and Spice Palette Swatches and Review

We’ve combined everything nice into a festive and exclusive set just for ULTA. This Christmas collection features an assortment of 12 eye shadows that allow limitless day-to-night looks to get you ready for any holiday event. Take it everywhere in our exclusive gold glitter bag that can be used as a festive clutch.
On my recent trip across the boarder I picked up this pretty set at Ulta. I wasn't sure if I needed it before I got there, but once I saw it and the $39 price tag I was sold.

The set comes with 12 eye shadows, a glittery bag and a mini Better Than Sex Mascara.
Now that I've had some time to try it out I figured I should give it a good review.
First off I love the mascara (does it live up to its no, that would just be nonsense). I love the hourglass shape. It reminds me of an Avon mineral mascara I loved but is no longer made.
Now on to the palette. 
The bag is cute but annoying as all hell. I just can't get the palette in and out of it with ease. I am just going to use it for other things. If I ever do choose to travel with the set I won't be using it to hold the palette.
The shadows themselves are almost all amazing. The black Black Liquorice shade is a bit chalk and blends poorly. I also feel Meringue is a little chalky, but not quite as bad. Plus Meringue would mainly be used as below the brow shade, so it isn't like blending is that big of a deal for it.

Sugared violet is the only glittery shade, which adds a bit of variety without there bing tons of glitter added to the palette.

Below is a break down of the colours:
  • Nutmeg, Champagne Truffle and Pink Frosting are my favourite shades for sure.
  • Coconut Cream - A matte light almost white colour
  • Nutmeg - a light golden brown with a  frosted finish
  • Biscotti - brown / bronze with a slightly metallic finish
  • Sugared Violet - an almost black purple with a satin finish and sparkles lightly thoughout
  • Champagne Truffle - a golden beige with a frosted finish
  • Pink Frosting - light pink with a light metallic finish
  • Cinnamon sugar - golden bronze that is metallic finish
  • Chocolate Cake - a  matte dark brown 
  • Meringue - a matte light creamy-pink 
  • Clove - a matte taupe with a bit of purple 
  • Bon Bon -a lilac that is frosted
  • Black Liquorice - a matte black
  • Good price ($39.00 USA)
  • Great selection of neutral/nude shades 
  • Not too many glittery colours but a good selection of metallics and mattes
  • Great for travel
  • Good quality overall
  • Only available in the USA in Ulta
  • The black shade kind of sucks
  • Some of the shades look alike

I really am glad I grabbed this. If you get the chance I highly recommend it. It seems perfect for the holidays and is great value. I really appreciate that there is a few matte shades thrown in and while the black sucks it really is just a black, I wouldn't use it too much anyways.
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