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March 01, 2015

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Hair Care Line

This winter has been cold, and I mean cold. In Toronto this February has been one of the coldest on record. Lucky fore me I discovered Palmers Olive Oil Formula line of hair care products at the end of last year. My hair has been feeling soft and hydrated all winter thanks to it.

Here are the products I've been using.
  • Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo moisturizes and smooths frizzy hair, replenishes moisture and nutrients and removes product buildup. The balanced blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hair Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamin E cleanses thoroughly and leaves hair softer, with a smoother texture, easier to style and healthier and stronger.
  • Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Replenishing Conditioner's incredibly rich formula smoothes out frizzy hair, increases moisture levels and softens tight curls. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is combined with Soybean Oil and Hair Keratin Amino Acids to protect the hair from environmental aggressors and hot styling tools. Hair becomes shinier with extra bounce, softer and less frizzy and easier to style.
  • Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray Oil, a luxurious natural spray oil, helps condition hair and scalp with its special formulation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E. This easy to use spray oil is ideal for braids and weaves.
First off I want to say how impressed I am with the shampoo. As a former Co-washer shampoo is sometimes not always my thing. That being said, I love this shampoo. It is creamy and moisturizing, doesn't strip my hair at all. Plus because it removes product build up so well I feel my hair is left soft and bouncy even though it is such a creamy conditioner.

My hair is extremely damaged from decades worth of chemically treating it, I now have to be extra careful about what type of products I use on it. Luckily the conditioner is like a masque and when left on for a few minutes does the same work as one. My hair always feels so soft after I use it.

Together the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair soft, hydrated, conditioned and light and fluffy, which is to me extremely surprising considering its key ingredient is Olive Oil. I really wouldn't have thought the light and bouncy hair I got could have been achieved with such a rich combination of products.
top is the shampoo and the bottom the conditioner
Finally the Spray Oil, I prefer not to spray it directly into my hair, but squirt it into my hands and work it from the ends up. I tend to avoid my roots unless it is the weekend or I am experiencing some scalp dryness (which happens more in the summer for me). I feel as long as you don't go and use it in excess your hair will love it.
Final thoughts:
I love the conditioning results I've gotten with these products over the last few months. My hair really feels softer and less dried out.

Have you tried any of Palmer's hair care products? What do you think of them?

*I received this product for consideration, it does not influence my views on them.

February 23, 2015

Julep Cupid Mystery Clutch

I recently saw that Julep was having one of their famous Mystery Bags for Valentine's Day. Since I hadn't done an order in so long and thought the two exclusive polishes they were advertising for the bag were cute, I decided to take the plunge and order it.

Julep was advertising that their Cupid's Mystery Clutch for $24.99 Us would contain:
Inside, you’ll find a $100+ bundle of secret surprises, including two brand-new, super-fun top coats designed just for smitten kittens: our sweet-as-can-be Yuki (Classic with a Twist) and va-va Valentina (Bombshell). 
So what did I get in the Clutch?
 I got 5 nail polishes ( Joanne, Rochelle, Margit, Yuki and Valentina), a gel eyeliner (Smokey Plum)  and a lip gloss (Splendid).  Yuki and Valentina were exclusive to the mystery clutch.

Valentina (Bombshell): Pink chevron glitter top coat
Julep Valentina Nail Polish
Joanne (Boho Glam): Smoky plum crème
Julep Joanne Nail Polish

Margot (It Girl): Mushroom with rose shimmer
Julep Margot Nail Polish
Rochelle: (It Girl): Boysenberry shimmer
Yuki (Classic with a Twist): Snowy heart glitter top coat
Julep Yuki Nail Polish
 Gel Eyeliner in Smokey Plum: A Plum shade
Lip Gloss in Splendid: Sheer heirloom rose shimmer
Finally the Clutch:
I also ordered an extra polish.
Gene (Rose Quartz for January):This gold-capped rose quartz iridescent shimmer is the January 2015 addition to the Birthstone Collection.

Overall I am ok with this mystery selection. It seems everyone that got the bag essentially got the same thing. If you go by the regular value of the items (which is how they figure out the value) it is worth exactly $100. So for $24.99 US it isn't too shabby, way more that what you would get for the same price in one of their monthly Maven boxes. But I am a tad bit disappointed that when they say $100+ you are getting $100 flat. I know not to expect to be the person who gets a crazy over the top bag, but I would like it to be maybe a bit more than the bare minimum. Or at the very least a bit more variety. 5 polish, yawn. Julep has so many fantastic items out there they really could have just tossed in something bit more exciting.

All that being said. I love the nail polish colours, I am glad I got plum for the liner, I love purples and the lip gloss packs quite the colour punch and I really like it. So since I love everything in the mystery clutch but just wish it wowed me a bit more, I am going to say this was a good buy.

If you are at all interested in trying out Julep, they have a fantastic offer every month to get your first month for free (just pay the shipping). Click here and use the code they provide.

February 17, 2015

Family Day Weekend Haul

It has been a while since I did a haul, so I thought, why not. Here we go.

While not super exciting, I went to my Shoppers Drug Mart and nabbed up some Essence limited edition goodies and a few essentials. Ok, not my Shoppers, mine refuses to sell Essence. This leads me to freak out every time I see someones amazing haul andante majorly stressed until I finally run to the 3rd nearest store and grab what they have left.  Freak out rant is now over...let's continue shall we.
From the new Like An Unforgettable Kiss collection I grabbed 3 Kiss Lipsticks and 2 Blush Duos.  Above are the duos (Pink Me on the left and Nothing But Lovestoned on the right).
 Here are the Kiss Lipsticks. Left to right Nothing But Lovestoned, Pink me and Keep Calm and Kiss Me.
 The lipsticks actually stained my arm quite a bit, but also felt moisturizing for a lipstick. I am really impressed with them. They are sheer and light, but last quite a while.

I also picked up two Annabelle lipliners, Cherry and Flame. Flame is a staple in my world and is used  on just about every red lip I do. Sadly I keep on loosing it. Shoppers has a sale on this week for $3.99 so I decided it was finally time to get a new on and forget about finding the lost one. Cherry is also a great red shade that for $3.99 I couldn't pass on.
Here are swatches (left to right). Flame, Cherry, Nothing But Loved Stoned,  Pink Me and Keep Calm and Kiss Me.

Finally I picked up a new Maybelline Fit Me Stick foundation in 115. I used mine up at the end of the summer and I just have been waiting for a good sale or to use up some more of my existing foundations. I also decided to try the Fit Me concealer in shade 15. I really am a fan of the line so I doubt I can go too wrong.

Did you do any hauling this family day long weekend?

February 14, 2015

Empties: 10 I'm Tossing No. 3

Why not do another Empties post? Here are 10 more I'm tossing out.
  • La Mer Foundation: I'm going to be 100% honest here. I have no clue what foundation by La Mer this is or what colour it is. What I do know is, it is small, it is a sample, a client gave it to me and it never suited my skin tone so I never used it. Not once. Would I buy it again? No, I never tried it.
  • Elf Essentials All Over Colour Stick: At one point I had all the colours. I really liked them (at one point) but they have such a bad fake orange scent. They also get gross quickly, the cases crack and they just look horrid. I also honestly felt I tossed these quite a while ago...why do items keep on ending up back in my drawers? Would I buy it again? No, while they are good for newbies or someone who wants a tiny foundation, they get messy quick.
  • Elf Mineral Eye Brightner: I love this stuff! It is perfect for setting the concealer  and foundation under your eyes. Unlike the Studio version, this one has no shimmer in it. It is just great. Would I buy it again?Yes, I have another one on the go right now.
  • Joe Fresh Lip Tint in Bubble Gum and Crush: I got these a few summers back. I really love lip stains and the idea of brighter stains to help prolong brighter lip sticks is great idea. These have a slightly gel like texture though and quickly evaporated inside the tubes. If that wasn't strange enough the lids cracked. While they were just caps and the real wand lid was still intact, it was the only place with the shade names on it, so I kept the unsightly cracked lids. Would I buy it again? Not sure, I liked the idea, I wish there was more colour payoff though and better consistency. Plus do they even make them anymore?
  • Elf Studio Wrinkle Refiner: I don't know what to say about this one. Click, click, apply on wrinkles, watch them go matte. Apply makeup and watch it peel and ball off. {insert strange facial expression here}.Would I buy it again? No, it is just a crap product. CRAP.
  • Benfit Benetint: The iconic Benetint. Oh how I adore you. I've had this bottle forever! And Ever! So I have chosen to toss it. But I don't want to. Would I buy it again? YES! I have a few mini containers of it already and opened up a new one. So I am not without it.
  • L'oreal Total Repair Extreme Ultra-Concentrated Urgent Repair Care: This little tube with do wonders for your hair. Wonders I say! My hair can get pretty darn damaged, and using this once and a while makes it feel so much better. Would I buy it again? YES! I have 2 more tubes in my washroom for emergency use.
So that's another round of Tossing 10. I'm feeling good. Anything you've tossed lately?

February 02, 2015

I Love... Reviews and Giveaway

A little while back I discovered I Love... a bath and body brand that is sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.
I tried out the I Love...Strawberry and Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Creme and fell in love. It has quickly become my favourite bubble bath. My baths are filled pillows of foamy bubbles and a fantastic strawberry scent. Just a fantastic bubble bath, and I love my bubble baths.

A few weeks ago I got the chance to try out their Raspberry and Blackberry Spritzer. It smells just like fresh berries! I find it a great option for days that I not in the mood to wear a perfume or just want to freshen up. So fruity and up lifting in this drab winter weather.
Bubble Bath and Shower Creme Review:
  • Big bold bubbles
  • Amazing fruity scent 
  • Great body wash that doesn't strip the skin of moisture
  • Available at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • None
A great bubble bath or body wash that smells great and is gentle to skin. Really not much more to say, fantastic.
Spritzer Review:
  • Smells fresh
  • Not too strong or overpowering 
  • $4.99!
  • Available at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Wont last all day (but it isn't a perfume it is body spray, so you should expect that)
A great fresh fruity scent for any time, I find it a nice pick me up. I really want to get the coconut scented one...mmm coconuts.

Ok so now on to the Contest!
I am lucky enough to give away one lucky Canadian resident a I Love... product and an adorible heart shaped locket. To see what products are available click here.

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