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April 14, 2014

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Cocoa Radiant Review

New Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is a line of quick, convenient spray lotions that moisturize deeply and absorb in seconds. The revolutionary continuous-spray system dispenses lotion quickly and evenly for all-over coverage. The unique formula includes Stratys-3, a patented multi-layer moisture complex, so lotion absorbs into skin with a few quick rubs. Skin is instantly moisturized, not sticky or greasy. With pure cocoa butter and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture, Cocoa Radiant ignites skin’s natural glow in seconds!
When Vaseline first launched their Spray&Go line I was instantly intrigued. I wondered how well a product like this could work. I also though "I hate moisturizing, this could be good".

It is true, I hate moisturizing. I the person with skin so dry it gets chapped, cracks, burns even bleeds, hates to use moisturizer. Why, the drying time!  Body butters are my favourite because at least I feel I am getting serious replenishment for my skin and I don't have to rub it in too much. But lotions, the type in pumps, ick! I feel there is so much water in them, so much time waisted for them to dry and absorb for so little pay off. Yep lotions are not for me.

So what about Spray&Go intrigued me? The no drying time. That seemed like a great idea.

I picked up a can (it is a can right?) at my local Shoppers because heck it was on sale, more reason for me to try it. I grabbed the Cocoa Radiant version of it.

So the first thing I noticed is how little product there is. 184g ...that sounds small. How much lotion is really in there. I could buy other lotions by the brand by the litre and they would probably be cheeper. Non the less I gave it a shot.

What I found was a thin clear lotion came out with a  white foam. A few passes of my hands to rub it in and it was gone, my skin felt nourished.

So what do I think.  Well watch this ad and then we'll talk.
 Ok the product is not like that at all. There is no way you're going to get such a precise amount on in a single pass. Second you need more than one pass of your hand to rub it in, just a fact, you rub it in like normal lotion, it just absorbs a bit faster. Third, I find it really watery. I was not expecting it to be so watery. I feel it is more water than lotion at this point. If you suffer from really dry skin it won't be enough.
Sprayed onto the skin
Rubbed in
  • quick and easy to use
  • light moisturizer that is great for less dry skin
  • absorbs relatively quickly
  • non-greasy
  • Pricy for the size - it just is. It cost more than other lotions but is way smaller
  • I feel like I sprayed pam on me
  • Not meant for really dry skin
  • Takes more than one pass to absorb.
I like this product ok, it wasn't what I expected.  It really is non-greasy which I like, but at the same time not the best moisturizer out there. I like it best straight out of the shower to get a quick blast of moisture back into my skin before it gets too dried out. I prefer it on my legs and torso, for my arms it just doesn't cut it at all.

I've seen Life Brand makes a generic version of it, I may get that next time to save some money, but I would consider buying it again.

Have you tried any of the Spray&Go Lotions? What do you think of them?
Batting a Lash:
 * I was not sponsored/paid in any way to do this post, all opinions are my own and all products were purchased with my own money.
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April 08, 2014

Weekend Acquisitions - Sephora VIB Sale, Friend Swap, Julep Maven and Shoppers Haul

This past week the annual Sephora VIB Sale was on, and with the ability to save 15% off anything in store I was a mission to find something I needed/wanted. It was actually pretty hard to think of anything at all I should get...I really didn't need at thing. After picking up tons of stuff for friends I finally got the perfect item.  
This Too Faced Candy Bar palette offers 10 eyeshadows, a blush and highlighter all in a cute little iPhone 5 case...perfect for on the go or travel. It is regularly $30 CAD so I thought it was quite a good deal too.
I was welcomed to my Julep Maven box for April yesterday. It was great to find this little box at my door. This month I went for the It Girl box, which featured 3 bright polishes and two candies.
Flora: Exotic dragon fruit with blue shimmer Bailey: Hyped cobalt sheer Maren: Electric bubblegum sheer with blue sheen. Think I am most excited about pretty. I'm very excited about these colours this month.
If you're invested in joining Julep Maven or even just want to try it I have a referral link (here) and if you use the code FREEBOX you will get (surprise surprise) a free box.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with two amazing Canuk bloggers on the weekend too...Sparkled Beauty and Rasilla from In a Nutshell. The two of them were so kind as to give me some goodies. Sparkled Beauty gave me a set of lashes, just the type I love, clear banded as well as a two pack of NYC lip balms. Meridith from Et Tu and You raves about these lip balms so I am super excited to give them a try.
Rasilla was so kind as to gift to me this amazing Quo/Orly SmartGels lamp. I have the original lamp but it is bulky and kinda of awkward. This baby is usually about $100 so seeing the $19.99 price tag makes me not feel too much guilt over her giving it to me. Thanks guys for the goodies.

While out and about I popped into a few Shoppers Drug Marts. I managed to grab some limited edition Essence goodies that I have been searching for as well as some natural Life Brand Baby wipes. The wipes were $2.99 and great for cleaning up after swatching for the blog.
As for the Essence I managed to score the Kalinka Beauty blush in 01 East Side Story (a beautiful bright orange-apricot), from the Bloom Me Up Collection a Blush Stick in 01 Chasing Lacy and a Shimmer Powder in 01 Rose It Up!. I  must say I love Essence collections for their inexpensive yet amazing items, but my collection of blushes/highlighters/bronzers is now getting even more out of hand. This year alone I've gotten three shimmer powders/highlighters...this must stop. Not that I am really complaining for the price tag/quality.

So that is what I picked up this weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you pick anything exciting up?

Batting a Lash:
 * I was not sponsored/paid in any way to do this post, all opinions are my own.
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April 01, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless

Velvety Matte Look. Moisture Rich Balm
A Matte finish that’s beyond plush. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips. In 10 collectible, craveable colours.
After falling in love with Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balms and Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains I could not wait to try out the Matte version - I was not let down. I have always been a gigantic fan of matte lipsticks but these balms are in a league of their own. They go on thick, rich and velvety.

I got the colour 215 Shameless which is a dark purple-pink. It is an extremely bold shade, but it is amazing with a lilac eye look.
Application is easy and mess free because of its great pencil shape, no going out side the lines, not lip brushes needed. The pencil also retracts so you will never need to sharpen it, there really is nothing not to love.
One other strange thing I noticed that I am loving is that it didn't seem to smear on me at all! Most of the time bold or very pigmented shades will smear on me, but not this time.  I found no matter how much I ended up touching my face I never smeared it.

As for the claim that it comfortable and that all the oils and butters won't dry out your lips ----it is all true. My lips were super dry (chapped, peeling, bleeding) at the time when I chose to wear it, I immediately thought this is not going to end well. Well I was wrong, not only did my lips feel great, they looked great, the chaptness wasn't emphasized at all and my lips were actually softer.

I'm definitely going to pick up a few more of these some time soon.

Have you tried Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms yet? What do you think of them?

I received these products for consideration, it dose not influence my views on them.

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March 31, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Whimsical

ColorBurst Lacquer Balm:
High Shine Lacquer. Moisture Rich Balm. A lacquer finish that’s beyond brilliant. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips. In 10 collectible, crave able colours
I was slightly skeptical about the Lacquer Balms after trying their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, I mean I love the balm stains, I own 9 of them after all, but would just a balm be as nice as the stain balm? The answer is yes, yes they are just as great as the Stains.
I have 115 Whimsical, which is berry-pink with a subtle silver shimmer to it.  Being a balm it swatches pretty sheer but on my lips it is quite pigmented. The texture is the same as the stains, smooth and simply amazing, one of my favourite formulas, it also has an extremely mild mintiness to it.

I am pretty much in love with everything about this balm!!! The fat pencil is fantastic, never needs sharpening and really makes getting into corners and creating a neat and defined lip easy. The formal is smooth and leaves your lips feeling great, my lips were suffering from peeling and found that the balm helped quite a bit to help make them feel better while still wearing colour on my lips. As soon as I see a sale I plan on getting at least 2 more of these.

Have you tried Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balms yet? What do you think of them?

I received these products for consideration, it dose not influence my views on them.
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March 27, 2014

Vichy Skin Health Centre

The Vichy Skin Health Centre
This week at The Eaton Centre you can pop by the Vichy Skin Health Centre on the 1st floor and learn all about you skin. It is a free service that helps you get to know your skin better and what it to do to get optimal skin.
I've never been one to pop into these sorts of things, I always wonder what is going on in there but am to afraid to ask. Well not this time! This time I was invited to go and take a look and learn all about my skin from the experts at Vichy, and I am so glad I stopped by, I honstly am never the best with my skin, and just didn't understand what it needed. 

So there are 5 diagnostics that will go on if you go to the centre, all of which are easy and kinda fun. First off I did a questionare, we talked about what I thought of my skin and why my primary concerns were. Then we did a sebum patch test in two places, where I learned that I have a bit of combination skin. My forehead area produces excess oil where the rest of my face does not. This really surprised me, I knew my skin was dry but not oil. Up next is the Hydrometere, a fancy dance test that tells you exactly how much moisture your skin has. I had a shockingly low number, only 30% moisture in my skin, which means my skin isn't just dry skin, it is dehydrated skin. Eek. Then it is on to the Video Microscope, this baby shows you what your skin looks like at a 30% magnification.  You can see how dry your skin is, if it has unevenness, beginning of wrinkles, just anything you can't see with the naked eye. Finally it is on to the UV Camera, this one is my favourite. It lets you see all the unseen damage done to your skin from the sun and UV rays. I must say I have a shockingly low amount of damage, but for most people dots and spots show - revealing all the years of past sun exposure.
my UV test, the left is my  regular photo the right is my damage.
 After the 5 tests I learned what it all meant about my skin, what it needs were and was walked through a great skin care routine that featured the Vichy products.
Once more if you do stop by you might get your hands on some awesome samples, but there is also a Gift With Purchase they have going on in conjunction with Shoppers Drug Mart at the mall. 
SDM Gift With Purchase
The Vichy Skin Health Centre is on now until March 30, 2014 at The Eaton Centre on Level in front of Forever 21 and Shoppers Drug Mart and is free to visit and get assessments. If you do go I would love to see your UV photos! Share them with me on Twitter or Instagram.

Vichy Canada can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their Web Site.

Batting a Lash:

 * I was not sponsored/paid in any way to do this post, all opinions are my own.
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